Wednesday, May 22, 2013

9ft x 23" x 3 1/4" Alley Slider for James


 I have designed a new board for James Mason from Adelaide in AKU and sent him screen shots to check out. It will be 9ft x 23" x 3 1/4" .Then I designed a custom blank and get it hot wire cut from block VH EPS.
 It comes in 2 pieces ready for me to glue in a 5mm Paulownia stringer. The blank is cut to allow for the 5mm thickness of the stringer and the thickness of the rails bands that will be laminated onto the perimeter. The thickness of the blank is over size depth wise so that the guys can position the board file within it easily to cut the final board from.
 After the stringer is in I glue up the first Paulownia rail band right around the blank. So that the blank is stiff and ready to go to the AKU machine to be cut.
 This way when the board is cut minus the thickness of the deck and bottom skins which in this case will be 6mm deck and 4mm bottom , the machine cuts the stringer and foils the wooden rail band at the same time.
This is the cut board ready to be shipped to James who will vacuum bag the 6mm deck and 4mm bottom skins on before laminating the 20mm of rails in Paulownia as well. Shape the rails and route in the fin box and he is there. He just needs to choose what he wants to finish it with. Lanolin and unglassed , a hot coat or two of epoxy and a light sand or if he wanted a little more weight in the board he could get it glassed with 2 or 4oz cloth and glass. Each will do the job of sealing the board. Each will cost and weigh a little more, Either way you will end up with a great board. For more info on this contact me or visit my blog -

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