Saturday, April 20, 2013

Foam and wood

 New Zealand shaper Roger Hall is a master at whatever he puts his hand to. His current passion is revisiting the Hot Curl model and ramping it up with more than a modern twist.
 These boards are finless and the wood adds the weight to help hold the tail into the power of the wave.
 As you can see it is a pretty solid lump of wood , but not just one piece. Roger loves to laminate and mix up the timbers he uses.

 Not only is it very hard to work with wood and foam together due to the differences in densities but he has so many different timbers that vary as well to make it even harder. And this is all hanging off the end of the foam. A true test of anyones skills. But as you can see not only is it a great design with the flowing lines of the board enhanced by the beautiful timber.
 Hands of the master.

 Form and function

 Who do you know that would cut and glue up 7 stringers and foam like this. I have seen him do 13.
Great shots from Mike C. Lets hope Roger can make it to the Wooden board day this year.

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