Sunday, April 14, 2013

Berlin build by Jan Dressler

 This is a board that Jan Dressler built in his apartment in the middle of Berlin. This is a wave SUP that is Paulownia vacuum bagged over EPS and lanolin finish. " This July the board will travel with me to Sylt a small island on the boarder of Germany and Denmark. "

" Here you can see a slight sort of dent in the rail. This happened very early when I was trying to get a clean outline out of a vertically glued up blank. As I hadn't found a supplier for 3000mm plus EPS blanks of the right density I glued up 1000x500x100mm pieces. The naturally harder glue lines crossing the foam  outline made impossible for me to keep it flawless while shaping."
 "Here's another example in the very tail section. (Pls note the Elu planer. It is a marvelous alternative to the notorious Skill 100 for much less money and 240V. Similarly rare though."
 Bagging the deck.
 Nice touch with a small ebony tail block
" Grant please meet Anita. She's my first one and designed as a paddleable blend between a flatwater cruiser, a floating taning plattform and a '65 Riva Super Florida. The hollow non laminated Strip and Feather construction is quite leaky but everybody loves her.

Jan and I had been in touch on and off throughout last year and at Christmas he came out to Australia with his wife and twin 5 year old boys. They travelled from Melbourne to the Gold Coast in a camper van. I met up with them for a day surfing in Byron Bay and then they stayed with us here on the Gold Coast before heading out of Australia. Jan works in the film and television industry and loves his surfing.

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