Sunday, February 3, 2013

Miguel Aragao is a passionate wooden board builder

 " Hello "wooden" surf dreamers
An old friend came to me demanding a wooden surfboard for a Christmas present to his lady. He would like to start her on this activitys of surf."
" And after an "abracadabra"(should be a Santa Claus hohoho) a malibu, 7`1`` singlefin came to live. The "ForFun"(course it has a name!) is a beginers good padler & easy takeoff, but at the same time it has all the features to ride with performance in a big range of wave conditions and sizes. "
 "All my friends were like... "A singlefin for starting to surf?!".  Yes, a singlefin! And why the hell not?! In my idea is the simplest and easier configuration for gaining speed and power, in a turn, just by leaning on rail. No need of a pivotal body moves around like on "thrusters" or with "stabilisers"(am I right?)."

" The fin is made of oak, a very well dried oak I got from some old drawers. The rail go from roundfat in the front midle to well balanced downsmooth edgy in the tail. On the bottomside you can find a rollvee going softly from the front third to more foreshadowed(???) in the back(tail)."

" This `board is a "step up" on size and on the finishing quality of my agave projects, I think I`m getting the hand of the fiberglass job in such wood cores.
Ok,ok... Enough talk!
Have fun!"
                                Miguel  (

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