Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A board called Suzie

This is the latest boards from Duncan FitzGerald who I helped into wooden boards a few years ago. 
 "This board was the 4th I've shaped (3rd wooden one / 2nd hollow design) and I'm still learning heaps about what works for me and what doesn't. The deck, base and internal stringer are all paulownia. The ribs are 3 ply and the rails are balsa."

" As with my 1st board, I've inlayed into the deck 3 little strips of wood from the old Wilderness Surf Factory house in Yamba (featured in Morning of the Earth). I guess I get a kick out of having a little piece of history placed into a board like this."

  "Both the hollow boards I have made have been while my wife has been pregnant with each of our children so each board is for each child (our latest child is due this week). My daughter insists we call our new child Suzie (be it a boy or girl) so I figured that can be the name of this board."

" Building boards is a lot like surfing itself, a lesson in patience and persistence. Each build becomes that little bit more efficient and the results improve with practise. Can't wait to surf this one."
 "Will try to bring all the boards down to the Fish Fry this weekend if not, definitely the wooden board day later this year."


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Les Miserable said...

Great blog you have here. I'm an Aussie living in France (ex Whale Beach, Sydney and Byron Bay). I've just started making hollow wood boards - using Jack Young's frame kits. I sourced some Chinese Paulownia from a French guy who'd bought a pallet-load. Paulownia is hard to find over here. Cost me €15 a 2.5M x 30mm x 140mm plank. I've seen it selling for twice that. Also found some Red Cedar that an old guy had stored in his barn for 25 years. I'm just planking the deck right now. Photos and posts are here if you're interested - Hollow Wood Surfboard.