Thursday, December 13, 2012

Grain at the Surfing Heritage Foundation

Grain Surfboards brings NEW 4-day surfboard building class to Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente, CA   

Just imagine it, six people building boards with their own two hands surrounded by the complete history of surfing told through shapes; guns and toothpicks, alaias, noseriders, thrusters, kneeboards and more.

On February 6th through the 9th, Grain Surfboards will be setting up a West Coast classroom smack dab in the middle of the Surfing Heritage Foundation- one of surfing's most treasured collections of history.

Curator and Creative Director Barry Haun: "We have not done anything like this before in the space. We're very stoked to be able to host this here and look forward to documenting the class to share with our followers."

Grain's unique construction style makes it possible for every surfer to build something just as functional and beautiful as the classic boards that will surround them as they work.  The class includes the full course of instruction, use of tools, all the supplies and materials and two meals a day.  Each student walks away \with their own wood board ready-to-glass and a free membership to the Surfing Heritage Foundation.

" We're doing alot to help surfers get the chance to build their own - our new 4 day class format allows people to take just a few days off from work, and setting up a moveable shop close to where people are saves the expense of coming to all the way to Maine.  We are so honored for this opportunity to work within the walls of SHF," said Mike LaVecchia, Grain Surfboards co-owner.

The class is only open to six students - spots fill up quickly. Registration is currently open.

Click here to find out more on the classes
Click here for more information about the Surfing Heritage Foundation

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