Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boards need names ?

 Toby surfed this little 4ft 8" simmons at the Byron Bay Surf Festival and just had to have it. He picked it up from me last week after I finished the 4ft 4" for Raz to replace this one. Toby said it was so good to ride this board that has named it "Morning Wood"

  "Been surfing the board heaps and love it man, attached a crappy pic of a mushy day, but so stoked- the thing makes me smile....YEW!  'best morning wood I've ever had....ha'."

 This is Raz's 4ft 4" x 22" x 2 1/4" that I built him to replace the 4ft 8" above.
 Raz has called this the "Micro Chip"
Unglassed Paulownia finished in Lanolin ( the waterproof grease from sheep's wool)

1 comment:

miguelaragao said...

Congrats Big Fish
I really like this glassless surfboards of yours. The look, the lightness and the simple easy building,I will definitely give it a go...
Course they need a name, their alive aren´t they?
Have fun!