Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last night at the Gold Coast Surf Museum.

Last night at Surf World Gold Coast we had a nice turnout to listen to our guest speakers Peter Walker , Tony Crimmins and Peter Mo. Peter is a very interesting and talent designer and craftsman who gave us an insight into his background and his process. Peter is based in South Australia and exhibits his boards in galleries nationally as well as having one our national parliament.They are truly works of art and he collaborates with various artists to work on his boards.

 Tony Crimmins is a senior policeman from Brisbane and enjoys his escape to the shed where he has honed his skills to build beautiful wooden boards. He explained his progressions in building boards and some of his experiences along the way.
 Peter "Mo" Moschogianis is a glassing craftsman here on the Gold Coast who has over 40 years of experience building boards. He has worked with many great shapers along the way. Starting back with the original Wilderness Surfboards in Santa Barbara with George Greenough and Michael Cundith. Where he first met Bob McTavish and Nat Young on their first trips to the States. He has spent a lifetime laminating , sanding and polishing boards for all sorts of people , but has a genuine love of working on wooden boards. They are a nice departure from the many thousands of foam boards he has worked on , some of which are in the museum. ( He wasn't really this animated )
Left to right Tony Crimmins, Peter Mo and Peter Walker. Thanks guys for your time and sharing your stories with us.

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