Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A nice tribute

Rick Malwitz of Malwitz Custom Surfboards began in 2004, from a dusty basement in landlocked Philadelphia and was sixty miles from the ocean. In 2006, MCS became Brooklyn-based where he got to know and love the NY coast. He was the only shaper to be working in a dedicated commercial shaping room in Brooklyn and gained plenty of recognition and press. Since then, an emergence of the craft has started to spread through the city with people shaping boards in tiny backrooms and guest bedrooms. Then in 2010, he relocated to South Jersey. Rick like many of us has family who have introduced us to wood working and building things.

Rick sent me this to share as I think it will be relevant to many of us. "Here's a simple tribute to my grandfather. He was a master woodworker who would make me beautiful fin blanks regularly. The day of his funeral I was going through his workshop and found a large bin of precut wood strips planed to size, all his templates, drawings, and clamps. He knew his time was coming soon and had it all ready for me. Pretty awesome."

Never forget the people who have contributed to your journey as you build wooden boards and learn skills that make it possible to build boards you are proud of. Family are special and will be proud of what you achieve. Thanks Rick.

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