Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Singapore Simmons

I have just been sent this email and it is great to see that people all over the place  and the most unlikely of places decide to have a go at building wooden boards from scratch by themselves.

" My name is Dhiya Muhammad from the tiny Island of Singapore. Don't get me wrong when I say Island, practically its a concrete island, we don't get waves here, we need to travel out or wait for the monsoon season for the swell to hit in the neighboring country Malaysia. I am a Graphic Designer by education and trade but making things by hand has always been in me since young."

 " A couple of months ago myself and partner along with some friends planned on a vacation to Bali. Constantly on the net and a frequent visitor of your site I had the utmost craziest idea to build a wooden hollow board."

 The pictures tell the story and in the end the result looks great fun. I am sure Dhiya would say it is a great experience and a very rewarding . He is probably planning his next board already.

For more details here's his blog: click on the pics for the descriptions.

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