Friday, June 15, 2012

The rustic Simmons

" My name is Scotty Cameron I live in Puerto Rico stationed here as an active Duty coast guardsmen. I was inspired by your blog to build. I'm totally a long boarder and love the mini Simmons concept."

" My dimensions are 5'5 x 22 '6 x 3 nice round noise mid pinched rails to a x 70/30 single concave slight bat trail."

"And of course no leash.also I salvaged all the wood from some pallets and what I found in the dumpster at a construction yard. Adios!"

I love the Rustic look and rawness of this board and at the end of the day if Scotty is having fun on it that is all that matters. I hope what he has done will inspire others to have a go with what they can lay their hands on to get started with building a board. You don't need to have exotic timbers to build a board and whatever you do you will learn from the experience.

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