Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wooden board building classes in Victoria

This type of Workshop was first pioneered by Rich Blundell of the Tree 2 Sea fame and his philosophy is simple, share the knowledge.

Rich came to Australia in March 2011 and we ran the first Workshop in Mount Eliza Victoria. Since then we have developed the techniques further and made a few changes to Rich`s build method to keep the overall construction costs down and keep it within the reach of more people. This means that the boards you will build do not need to be fibreglassed when finished, as traditionally most board do. This is a saving of about one third of the overall build cost. 

There are no high tech machines or advanced skills required to build your own Wooden Surfboard at one our Workshops. These courses are designed at a grass roots level to enable anybody who has the desire to build their own board achieve just that!

At the completion of the 3 Day Workshop you will have learned the basic skills required to build future boards at home with minimal tools. All materials,tools and equipment are supplied, however if you prefer to use your own tools, you are welcome to bring them along.

If your interested in completing one of our Wooden Surfboard Workshops, email us on: hwsurfboards@gmail.com

First Workshop to be held on 16,17 & 18 of APRIL 2012
(depending on participant numbers, other workshop dates to follow)

Contact: Robert Ivers   0409 211 751  
or  Gary Miller   0423 804 975

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