Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Flama Surf Simmons

Here is a great email I have just in from Sergi Galano that I would like to share with you.

  "Remember last time I told you I was into making a wooden Simmons? Well, it's been a tough work, but we did it!
I'm not sure if I told you we joined forces with Montjuich Surfboards (specialized in surfboard replicas from the 1960-1972 period). We moved into a bigger workshop and now we're sharing facilities, which brings us the possibility to face some interesting projects as the one I'm presenting you. It all started with a single question thrown at Dídac (Montjuich's shaper): "would have you ever used foam, resin and volan to make your surfboards if Bob Simmons had known paulownia back in 1948?".

The final answer to that question is this amazing board. Flama designed and build a custom 8' blank so Dídac could shape his own interpretation of a Simmons surfboard. The final result is a board 8' x 23" x 3" that weights 9'8 kg, wich is almost half the weight of Simmons' lightest boards. And, rather than taking off and go straight to the soulder (as we predicted), this board is cappable of drawing clean lines in nice sized faces, and in small crappy surf it's the funniest board ever! "

Simmons Project: Montjuich Vs Flama from Flama Surf on Vimeo.

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Blind Dog Surfboards said...

Really sweet board work. Have been thinking about building one for some time now. Just might have to get off my butt and try it. Thanks for the inspiration.