Sunday, February 19, 2012

Guilherme's wooden board from Brazil

 Guilherme Pallerosi lives in Brasil.  He likes to surf on and to make ancients boards. He has started a blog to tell surf history and research techniques to build the old wooden surfboards. " Its in the beginnings, but you can see at: (its Portuguese)
I would like to post in your blog my blog address and the photos of a board I´ve made. (I have more photos on the blog )"

 Guilherme has a different approach to building his boards , as it appears he laminates the ply to achieve the rocker in his boards and then shapes and foils it to achieve the final shape.A very interesting way of doing things.

The finished board has quite a different look. It may be a little heavy depending on the ply used and the amount of timber left. It would be good to hear from him on this. There are many ways to build a wooden board and it is great to see the different approaches people use depending on their experience and tools or situation they have to work with.

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Felipe Siebert said...

Nice! Im not alone in Brazil!!!