Sunday, February 12, 2012

Big Cam rides wood , really well.

Trish is not afraid to mix it with the crowds when she has to.
 There is not a more passionate wooden board rider that big Cam Byram and his wife Trish. He has quite a quiver of wooden boards. 12ft , 14ft and 18ft Tom Wegeners for sure. Plus an 18ft and 21ft Bill Wallace toothpicks.

 Cameron enjoying the ride and the wide eyed looks he gets as he heads off down the line.

Now this is a mans board if ever there was one. I surfed with Cameron at the Alley today and he was on his toothpick before swapping over to one of Tom's boards. He said the toothpick he was on was one of the last that Bill Wallace had built and that in all the years that Bill had built wooden toothpicks this was the first custom order. Cameron is not afraid to paddle in on these large boards and cut through the pack with the greatest of ease. He offered for me to have a go , but there would need to be way less people for me to consider it.

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