Friday, July 15, 2011

The Spanish " Lightning Bolt "

This is a note I have just received from Aitor Veguillas who lives in Bilbao, the North of Spain about his beautiful wooden board.
" This is my second surfboard is a replica of a "lightning bolt", I started in November 2010 and finish in July 2011, I am very happy surfing the "singing bolt," she hisses when surfing, and it is son fun someone told me that could be the fins, and sanding could solve it, but who wants to silence a surfboard that sings.Not me."

"It's made of plywood ribs and stringer, and paulownia and cedar for the deck and bottom, and rails only paulownia. I shaped it and watsay the glass."

" Measures 7.8 "x 20" x 3 1 / 4 "has a very good bouyancy, a easy and safe " take off ", its fast, and turns very easily."

Its a great looking board and a very nice glass job to finish it off. Bamboo fins and all.Check out his video , which is a great insight into the building of the board.

Singing Bolt from Aitor veguillas on Vimeo.

You can check out his blog :

And the guys who glassed his board :

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