Saturday, July 16, 2011

John Cherry " The Master "

Just received a note from John Cherry about what he has been up to lately.
" Hi Grant,
It’s always a treat to see your name pop up in my in box. It always means something cool or creative.God, how I wish I could join you all down there for this one. I just sent (3) vertical display racks to Brookvale. NSW for some of John Atwills special boards. I wish I could have shipped myself with them."

" I have been delightfully (usually) busy for the last 4-5 months. One of the projects was for myself, an 8-0, 70’s style, lightening bolt-inspired, single-fin gun out of solid agave cactus with Peruvian walnut stringers. The fin is koa, maple and Macassar ebony. I glassed it double 6oz cloth on both sides. It still only weighs about 14 lbs "

" I had a good stash of agave that I had collected or harvested over the previous 1-1/2 years. I spent a long time trying to decide what kind of board would be appropriate for my special stash of wood. The 70’s pipeline gun denotes a special period and place in surfing history and of my own surfing history… I went with it."

" I truly wish I could join you guys and gals and see some of the incredibly cool stuff that I know will be on display at your 3rd Annual Wooden Surfboard Day. I send my warmest regards to everyone."
Sincerely, John Cherry
John truely is one of the masters of wooden boards that we have out there to be inspired by. Lets hope one day we get to see the big fella down under. Thanks for your continued support John.

John Cherry Woodcraft ~ Cherry Surfboards

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