Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Greg's new board

Greg Wheeldon has just finished another board for Christmas.

" 6’6” x 21 ¼” x 2 ½” fish I just finished over the wet weekend. Photos taken before rails attached and shaped."

Some pretty trick wood work here Greg. Nice job.

"Single nose concave, with double tail concave. I inserted foam blocks, as the glasser will fix in FCS plugs in a 5 fin set-up. I will probably use a quad fin setup, but the 5 fin plug set-up gives maximum flexibility."

" It is off to the glasser yesterday, for one layer 4oz glass, for finishing just in time for Xmas."

Fish are a great board to build first up as they are small and easy to manage at home in a smaller space. Not so expensive to build and get glassed.

1 comment:

Bobby Crisp said...

wicked woodwork, that's going to pop with the resin on it!