Friday, December 3, 2010

Aitor's wooden hull from Spain

class="gl_photo"" I am Aitor, I live in Bilbao, the North of Spain, near a really nice wave, Mundaka.

I read your blog every day, in my opinion is the best blog for wood surfboards, in fact sometimes I used some post for my blog , I send you some (maybe too much) pictures of my 8.6 hull made of plywood, paulownia and cedar. I spend one year to build it, but I made many mistakes and corrections, I finally managed to finish it, because my friend Javier helped me , he is a great carpenter, who also let me use his workshop , and Fernando de la uz, a great shaper that glassed the surfboard for me.
I've tried the hull and it really surfs well, it is a little bit heavy out of the water, but in the water the weight is not noticed, has a lot of inertia but is very quick , and easy to make the take off with it.

I'm so happy with the surfboard that I've started a new surfboard, lightning bolt replica, if you want you can see it on my blog and practice Spanish.

Thanks for everything, and congratulations for your blog.."

Here is Aitors blog :

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