Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mikes new Hand Planes

Hand planes , small pieces of wood with lots of fun built in. That seems to be the theme. Yes lots of things are new again and with Paulownia now very popular so are hand planes once again. Mike Cunningham from NZ / Fish N Log Blog has been getting into building them and having heaps of fun.
" I took the larger one out for its third test ride last Saturday and was so stoked with the way it went, got so many waves I lost count, lots of clean face and big drops, even a cover up of sorts, not bad for a 105kg pie eating beer guzzler, yew !,Roger has helped me mill a slab of paulownia, making two double handplanes and a prone alaia/paipo hybrid, even rode my 9'6'' electraglide longboard prone on a few waves last week, such a buzz being that close to the wave face, takes the views you get to warp speed so I am busting to shape my paipo thingie, anyway thats my story and i am sticking to it !,"
Mike is fizzzzing with his new project. So maybe after you have built your wooden board you and the kids might need a project for Christmas , this could be it.
Built the Alaia and can't get to your feet , cut the bugger up and make hand planes.


micro said...

one paipo or 10 handplanes ? ummmm.........

micro said...

that is a good looking ..... handplane