Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grain Surfboard Building Classes

If you are looking for a class to learn the ins and outs of building a wooden board for yourself then there are a couple of ways to go. Grain Surfboards in York , Maine hold classes throughout the year . They run with a number of options and you build the boards right in their factory with the guys who work there with all the tools and gear you need to get the job done.

Here is a list of their classes for next year so you can plan ahead.

2011 Scheduled Classes
Nov 14- 20 2010…… Last available class for 2010, sign up now!

Feb 6- 12 …… Any Kit
April 10- 16 …. Any Kit
May 8- 14 …….. Any Kit
June 3- 5 …….. 3- Day Board Blitz
June 19- 25……. Any Kit
July 17- 23 …… Any Kit
Aug 5- 7 …….. 3- Day Board Blitz
Aug 21- 27 …. Any Kit
Sept 8- 10 …. Alaia class with Jon Wegener
Sept 11 …. Handplane class with Cyrus Sutton
Sept 18- 24 …. Any Kit
Oct 9- 15 …. Any Kit
Nov 6- 12 …. Any Kit

So you see they have a variety of options and special ones with guest shapers on hand as well.So not just their kits , but Alaia classes and handplane classes." The 3 Day Board Blitz is an interesting one as well .Teams of two students together build a single board with a Grain board builder directly helping as needed to keep on schedule. Giving the phrase “team-building” a whole new meaning, this six-person, three-team class is designed not to help you build your own board in class, but as an affordable way to teach the method for those planning to build a HomeGrown Kit at home, and for those non-surfers that are merely curious about how it’s done. Great chance to do something cool with a buddy or your sweetie."

Then there is:
Surfboard Builder’s Fantasy Camp
"Surfers can be loners – their ideal is a deserted break with no one out. That’s why we decided to offer a one-on-one class in board building and/or glassing. For a week or two, it’s just you at your own shaping stand with your own board builder guiding you through the process of building a board you’ll have forever. This is the only class where we will help you build any board in our line of kits and custom boards.

Fantasy Camp is also perfect if you can’t make dates in our schedule, can’t get into a full class, or want to share a really unique experience with just one other friend. So if you need some alone time, or dig the idea of being just another builder in our shop for the week, think about the Builder’s Fantasy Camp.

Any board, any time, your own builder. Pretty sweet."

So I think they have it pretty well covered .They have had people coming from all over the world, Japan, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Norway and France to build boards.So if you want to take a break and travel then this could be right up your alley.

Check them out at :
Grain Surfboards

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