Monday, May 25, 2009

Tony Crimmins new project progress report

" Enclosed are a couple of updated shots showing the rails going on my 9’6” longboard.  As discussed 6 x 6mm layers of paulownia with the centre routed out of the initial 3 layers to create a hollow rail.  Photos show the system I came up with to anchor the timber strips – superglued small balsa blocks to the edge of the bottom and deck - and then cut the rail strips oversize by the thickness of the blocks – clamped the rail strip to the blocks for a nice tight join.  Requires a fair degree of patience but looks like it will produce a nice result with rails and bottom/deck all being out of the same material."
Great to see what guys are doing and how they have engineered ways of building boards. There is no one way to do the job and this is a great example of nutting out a way that fits for Tony.

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