Monday, May 4, 2009

New Project for Peter Davis

"Have just completed my second board and have attached photos.  It's a lot thinner and much better than my first attempt.  The nose and tail blocks are a big improvement and the best part is it's light enough to hang on a wall inside the house.  The photo of me surfing is taken at Snapper Rocks using my first board.  I have yet to surf the second one but I know that it will be easier to carry down to the water - being much lighter.  The round bung is copied off a Joe Larkin surfboard picture I had in the "Surfer's Textbook" by Howard Jennar, who is a school teacher at Kingscliffe. The Okanui sticker was made up by a guy at Carrara markets just as a bit of bling for the board. Hopefully my next board will be a 7ft 6" mini mal for my daughter who is being challenged by a na papa board at present. Will have to source some balsa wood for the rails."
Cheers Peter Davis

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