Monday, August 6, 2018

Wooden Board Day number 10

We got lucky again this year with a classic Gold Coast winters day 26c and a small swell that grew as the tide came in. A smaller gathering than some days in the past but no less passion and a very high standard of boards. Lots of questions and sharing of ideas was the order of the day. Check out below some of what was on show on the day.

 Classic day as things come to life
 We all have our way of doing things

 Nice grain
 Ben Oakley / Neema Watercraft
 Surf Rider sharing the day

 Different but effective we are told.

 Jun/ Surfers Country - unglassed just oil
Nice mix of timbers

Frank with one of his boards

 A couple of likely lads catch up -  Trent and Steve
 Mister Stick and his boards up from Melbourne for the day

Always good to catch up with mates
 Beautiful chambered boards by Tyron Morgan

 Tom Wegener experiments
 Nice hollow wood knee board

 Dana and the McDonald brothers
 You can't do these things without good support, thanks Jackie
 Dana from Wood Surf Co.

 Trent with some nice new Fish, cork and wood

These two young guys from Byron Bay never got out of their wet suits all day and surfed for hours on all sorts of wood craft. I bet they slept well Sunday night.
Master shaper Tom getting the boys sorted with the speed square and rabbits foot

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