Saturday, July 28, 2018

Another great board from Nathaniel Grey

I was looking forward to catching up with Nathan again as he always has an interesting board or project on the way. Sadly he will not be able to make it up to Currumbin next week, work has got a bit to busy to be able to take the time off.So he thought he would share his latest project.5' 8" asym.

"The build is a styrofoam core or to be more precise an old cool-light i found chucked out in the street, so a bit of up-cycling on my part"
"I vac bagged 6mm balsa skins to the top and bottom and built up the 30mm thick rails with 5mm strips"

"Glassing is 4oz top with a 4oz nexus/basalt deck patch and 4oz bottom, i used entropy epoxy bio resin"

"The fins are foiled from 9mm birch ply

Bottom contours are a bit of roll through the nose that then blends into a deep single concave between the fins and a bit of a chime on the rails"