Thursday, October 5, 2017

Reward for effort is always a good thing

Felipe has been building hollow framed boards for many years and made some beautiful boards along the way. Last year he decided to come out to Australia and check out what we were doing.He spent time with Tom Wegener up in Noosa and me down here on the Gold Coast. I loaned him some boards to ride and showed him what we were up to with vacuum bagging Paulownia over EPS. It didn't take long for him to realise this was a whole different direction with a totally different outcome. Tom was also experimenting with cork to enable the control of flex in his boards.Felipe headed home and after lots of emails and his experimenting he has now been able to apply his knowledge and skills to a whole new way of building boards.

It is always good to see people rewarded for the effort they have put into their projects and Felipe  from Siebert Surfboards in Brasil has just been awarded for his. "Best Sustainable Solution". at the International Board Trader Show.

 felipesiebert"Best Sustainable Solution". This award is not just for Siebert. @tomwegenersurfboards @surfboardsbygrantnewby @flamasurf @lascasurfboards and Siebert, are a group of shapers who work together to develop these boards made with less aggressive materials. #theboardtradershow show is one of the world's largest board manufacturers event, including manufacturers from Brazil, California, Australia, Hawaii. It was an honor to be selected between so many manufacturers.
Thanks to all who collaborated in the evolution of this project: @rdiasfabrica @johnmagrath @_larmar_ @surf.sound @lupsurf

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