Wednesday, May 3, 2017

European Wooden Surfboard Meet 2017

After 9 editions in Australia, the Wooden Surfboard Meet lands in Europe

August 25th-26th. Playa de Berria, Cantabria, Spain

If you make wooden surfboards yourself; if you’re one of those self taught artisans who like to lock in the garage to experiment with materials and different building methods; if you’re in pursuit of a greener and a more environmentally friendly surfboard, this international meet is made for you!

The Wooden Surfboard Meet is a non-commercial and non-competitive get together. Come along for a couple days to the beautiful beach of Berria (Cantabria, Spain) and meet boardbuilders from all over Europe and the world.

Bring your boards, alaia’s, hand planes, bodyboards, surfies or what ever you have been building and having fun on as long as it is made of wood or with eco friendly materials. Just lay them out in the park, find a spot to have a picnic lunch and meet other like-minded wooden board builders, craftsmen and enthusiasts. There will be people from all walks of life just stoked to be riding something they have designed and built themselves, plenty of people who have lots of questions, stories and ideas to share just like you. Check out what others are up to, swap boards and go for a surf

Where and When

August 25th-26th. Playa de Berria, Cantabria, Spain

Playa de Berria is a 2.2km long beach, exposed to most swells with quite reliable surf and works in most tides. It’s a 30 minutes drive from Santander Airport and 1 hour from Bilbao Airport.

We’ll meet at Berria Surf School, which has a beautiful garden area next to the beach with plenty of space. Just lay your boards out in the park, bring and umbrella or a little tent to have some shade, and may be a picnic lunch to spend a great day meeting and sharing experiences with open minded people.

There are some bars and restaurants along the beach, and supermarkets, surfshops and all kinds of accommodation in the nearby towns of Argoños and Santoña. There is also a good amount of campsites in the area.
Berria Beach

The Plan

Friday 25th  night meeting: we’ll figure out soon the specific details, but we want to meet on friday night at Berria Surf School to introduce all the participants and share some beers and music under the stars.

Saturday 26th, day at the beach: there is no better plan than not having a plan. We figure out everyone will be surfing early in the morning before meeting at the beach park in Berria Surf School. Find a spot and enjoy the day!

Finally, the European Wooden Surfboard Meet is on!!
You can share and post in your blog or pass it to whoever you think might be interested.

We’ve created a Facebook event:

And a page where everyone can post whatever they like:

We hope you can join us and we can meet to spend a day by the sea!
Please, feel free to share the event with friends and anyone you think might be interested.
We will provide some further info in the upcoming weeks, but feel free to ask any quastions you have.

Salud y olas!

Sergi Galanó
European Wooden Surfboard Meet

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