Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tom Wegener is off to PNG again

Tom has just cleaned up from hosting a wooden board building class and talks on sustainable surfing at The Noosa Festival last week and jumped on flight to New Guinea on Monday.
 "I'm presently on my way to Papua New Guinea for a surfing festival with the WSL Longboard Tour.  We're going to the Tupira Surf Camp where I've been twice before, to make wood surfboards with the locals. It's pretty remote and the inspiration for this distant location is to mix the culture of modern longboarding with the very ancient wood surfboard makers of PNG."

 "This complements the normal WSL longboarding competition by contrasting the modern with the very old. The visiting surfers will compete against the locals on their wood surfboards and the locals are welcome to ride the modern surfboards. "
 "The idea is to capture a sharing of surf culture. My involvement will be to help the local kids integrate into the ways of a modern surf contest as well as to work with the WSL webcast." 
 As you can see Tom has been there before and left his mark with the local surfers and keen shapers.
                                                               The PNG  Peanut for sure

Thanks to JB for some of this copy from Pacific Longboader Magazine

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