Thursday, February 2, 2017

Less than 4 weeks to this years Wooden Surfboard Day

This year the Wooden Surfboard Day will be hosted by the Byron Bay Surf Festival where you will find us and many other wooden board builders located in"The Woodshed" precinct. To those of you that plan on bringing boards and joining in on the days display, remember it is the same as other years that have been held in Currumbin. It is a non commercial and non competitive gathering and we have been given a space in the middle of the festival in Denning Park, with great exposure to all festival goers.The site is just to the East of the corner of Bay Street and Middelton Street in Denning Park just before the kids playground area (look for the "Woodshed" sign).

We need to be in the park and setup by 9am and the day finishes at 4.30pm.

Every board displayer will need to register on the day before laying out their boards.

We will have a great gathering of very talented board builders on the day and there will be lots to talk about and share. 

At 1.00 PM we will have a Wooden Board Open Forum in the Wood Shed precinct where Andy Ceglinski will take us through all things Paulownia and it's great attributes, from seedlings through to milling it for building boards. 

Tom Wegener will then talk about the history of wooden boards and the artisan side of board building from his recently published book. 

Stuart Bywater, a fine furniture maker that conducts wooden surfboard making classes in Brisbane,  will take us down the path of building hollow wooden surfboards with timber frames.

Then Tom Wegener and Grant Newby will talk about vacuum bagging Paulownia and Cork over EPS and other possibilities.

Trent Palmer, a school teacher from Hillbrook Anglican School in Brisbane will run through his program with the students, parents and staff building boards, while including and implementing the sustainable aspects of surfing.

There are always lots of questions to be asked and this will give you a great opportunity to ask as many as you like.

If you have any questions please contact me :

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