Thursday, June 23, 2016

Four Day wooden board building classes


Stuart Bywater has been running hollow wooden surfboard classes for four years now and this year he has changed up the program so he can run four x  four-day classes.

“Really its like a four-day escape or holiday for most or the guys as they make the plan to take the Thursday to Sunday off and indulge in making their own wooden board - range from a 5'2" to 7'2” Fish,
or we have four longboards to chose from and they can all be made from 8’ to 10' and anything in between. We have many deck patterns to pick from and as timber is natural they are never the same - making every board a one-off.”

You chose which board you want.
You glue and assemble your board.
You shape your rails.
You shape your nose and tail.
You decide on the rocker.
You glue the desks on.
You decide on fin placement.
We all talk board designs.
We all talk surfing.
We all help each other.
We have so much stoke going on.

 - Stuart Bywater

Next class will run from August 25th to 28th.

Each day from 8am-5pm
Full assembly and gluing of frame
Glueing the top and bottom skins
Vacuum bagging your board
Sanding (ready to glass).

Last class was booked out quickly so if you are interested please contact ASAP

For more info email
Check out Insta:
Facebook: bywaterdesign
Info Pack HERE

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