Sunday, April 3, 2016

Building an EPS core, Paulownia skinned, lanolin finished 9ft 3" pintail.

Great looking outline
 Concave through the nose to rolled V through the tail
Final shape and clean up and then cut the rails off and sqaure up the rails.
Home and ready to add the first 3mm rail bands

First one on
Both on and ready to trim them to the foam blank. The 3mm parabolic stingers if you like hold the rocker and when gluing the skins on encapsulates the eps in wood.

 All trimmed up, rocker table setup, ready for glue, skins and bagging.
2 hours in the bag with the Polyurethane glue. Bagging is the most effective and simplist clamping system you will ever use.
Out of the bag and as solid as a rock
Ready to trim off the excess. 
 All trimmed up and ready for rail bands
 All the tools I need to laminate and bend the rail bands onto the board. The old steam iron helps out here. You will be amased at the pulling and holding power of good masking tape.
One each side now.
Just keep adding them
Last of 8 rail bands on, 4 a side.
 My little hand plane got quite a workout, no wonder it gets hot.
All cleaned up with the rail bands foiled to the deck and bottom. Bag it up and off to the shaping bay.
looking the goods
 Small hand plane and some emery cloth and sandpaper.
The emery cloth is great for taking the planed rails and smoothing it all out really quickly and simply as you can get some weight into it. The cloth backing and the grit lasts way longer than any sand paper.
Lanolin finish only for this one from Lanotec
The logo is a rubber stamp and solvent ink StazOn brand from the local stamping / craft shop.
The oil brings out the colour of the Paulownia. 
Nothing like a great fin to finish of a board. Thanks John.

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