Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Eco Challenge 2016

Eco Challenge Roots of Surfing Teams Challenge & Expression Session

The third annual Surfrider Foundation Eco Challenge Gold Coast will be hosted this Saturday 19 March at the Tugun Beach as part of this year's Bleach* Festival. It is a family friendly, sustainable event that is going 100% solar powered and plastic-free!

Along with live entertainment, food and market stalls, the core of the event focuses on a wooden surfboard competition using the first and most sustainable surfboard on the market, the Alaia. The use of wooden surfboards almost entirely reduces the carbon footprint of petroleum based surfboards while also decreasing pollutants that come with manufacturing.

The challenge begins at 12:00 noon and will be comprised of 6 teams each consisting of 4 riders per team for a total of 24 surfers. Each surfer will surf an Alaia surfboard supplied by Maywood Surfboards of Burleigh in a tag team format.

The Surfrider Foundation is happy to announce participating teams from Vissla, Gold Coast Surfing Lawyers and Banaam. They are also looking forward to confirmation from Patagonia, Volcom & Maywood.

Every team member must register via the website: www.surfingaustralia.com under the event: The Surfrider Foundation Eco Challenge Gold Coast. Registration is mandatory due to a limited number of beach entries available.

All participating teams are encouraged to arrive between 11-11:30am to confirm registration and to set up a tent. The judging format is under standard surfing competition criteria but the emphasis will be very much on having fun and enjoying yourself while helping promote sustainable surfing.

An Expression Session will held in the 30 min break halfway through the Team Challenge. This is a great way to showcase your talent while showing support for sustainability. Bring your own sustainable surf craft and show everyone what you can do! Each surfer must register via the website mentioned above to be included in the Expression Session.

So it you're an enthusiast, sustainable surfing advocate or complete novice who'd like to watch professionals and have your own chance to try out one of these original surf crafts, come on down to Tugun Beach this Saturday for a fun day!

Please call Greg Howell for more information and photo opportunities at: +61 (0) 414 939 942.


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