Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Wooden knee boards by Mike De Heer to be tested at Skeleton Bay

"I was introduced to making wood boards by Patrick Burnett in Cape Town 2 years ago when I built a board on one of his board building courses.  Since then I have tried a other few methods, including chambered, I have finally settled on the EPS with parabolic rails method. I have found this gives me the best weight to strength ratio. They surf great and really enjoy the flex properties it gives me. My rails and tail blocks are a combination of cork and either Japanese Cedar or Obeche. I have used Walnut and Maple for deck/bottom skins but am settling on Koto for my last few boards."

" You will note quite a few kneeboards as I am a keen kneeboarder. "
"For 2016 I have set myself the goal of building one board a month every month and have started the first three. I will send you pics once completed.  I am also planning my secound surftrip to Skeleton
Bay in 2016 and hope to have a quiver of 3 kneeboards ready for the trip.
Skeleton Bay is an insane wave and can snap boards like twigs so I will need them to be strong and shaped for the barrel. But I hope to claim "first wood board surfed at Skeleton Bay" status. Will let you know how I get on."

This is Skeleton Bay...

"Thanks for a great blog, the information shared in your articles has helped me refine my techniques pushed me to build better boards."

Mike de Heer
Dust Wooden Surfboards


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