Thursday, November 12, 2015

A happy 10 years for Grain

"Ten years ago, Mike was diligently dabbling in the dark basement of his rental on a cliff above the beach... and months later - with the help of some friends - wooden surfboards began to emerge. Grain Surfboards itself took shape soon after, and as Mike and Brad refined their techniques and figured out how to make surfboards into kits, they were lucky enough to attract the great group of people that have become Grain Surfboards today.  During that time, we've been consistently amazed at the superb commitment of our staff, all the friends we make year after year, the sheer awesomeness of the people to whom we've become connected, and the thousand-plus surfboards Grain's helped others to build.  For us, sharing this experience with all of you has been the best part (tasty waves aside).  Thank you all for a great decade."
"Those who know our roots aren't surprised that our construction is inspired by boat-building techniques - even the parts of our boards have distinctly nautical names: keels, frames, planking, lands, chines... But few know that one of the earliest boards that came from Mike's basement was so nautical-natured that it had tarry black deck seams and bronze fastenings.  That board carried some serious tonnage - and though heavy, it was still inspiring." 

"Today, having developed ideal methods to craft super-strong but lightweight wooden boards, we're ready to roll back the years to produce a modern version of that original boat-board.  So over the next few months, we'll produce four premium boards loaded with seafaring stuff similar to the original.  If this is the sort of thing that fills your canvas, give us a call to get in an advance order.  Stay tuned over the coming weeks for more news and images of the Grain Ten-Year Anniversary Board Series."

60 Brixham Rd. York Maine 03909

Happy birthday guys you have helped bring wooden boards back to main sream surf curlture for lots of people. Thanks.

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