Saturday, September 12, 2015

Great little body board from Anthony

Anthony and I had been in touch about him building this board and it being unglassed and this is his story.
"I spoke with you some time ago about using lanolin and FMP 200 glue. I was finally able to purchase the products. I applied the use to off cuts of balsa and paulownia in making a foam core body board.
The glue worked a treat.
I applied three coats of lanolin to balsa and paulownia offcuts (approx 30cm long) to observed the colour variations. Nil issues. I noticed both samples turned a honey colour. Used a bit of elbow grease and wiped the samples which made them smooth again and reflect a satin finish.

I then went to the beach to wet the samples. Both went waxy after a little while. That was great.

I then completed my body board (attached some photo's to the email). I made my own leash pug using aluminum off and stainless steel pin.I applied three coats of lanolin to the deck allowing it to dry between coats. i used an epoxy resin to the rocker and rails as I was trying out a new resin.

Today I did a one test hour run in the surf (approx 1-1.5metre waves). The board performed better than I anticipated. You may notice two strips of red cedar along the rails. Something different and no issues in making turns.

However I noticed the deck went pale (appeared to lose that honey colour) and did not get as  waxy as the samples. I am assuming more than three coats are needed when covering a larger surface. I have recoated the deck by pouring on the lanolin and spreading with a foam brush rather than using a bristle brush."

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