Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wooden Board Building Classes Brisbane

The next wooden board building class the be held by Stuart Bywater in Brisbane is coming up starting August 18th.
"Our Wooden Surfboard Classes are designed to enable you to make your own Classic Wooden Surfboard.
In 8 easy Tuesday night lessons or our 2 day weekend shaping course, you will be able to take home your very own board. You will be given options for size, style and timber choices ensuring your surfboard is exactly how you want it to be."
Prices for wooden surfboard classs vary according to board size and timbers required ,
As an estimate please use the following as a general guide.
We will of course confirm your price prior to registration.
10’ Okanuie $1600 cedar $1750
9” Mal $1500 cedar pinstripes or all cedar $1650
8” Mal $1450 cedar pinstripes or all cedar $1600
6”8’ fish $1200 cedar pinstripes or all cedar $1300
5”8’ fish $1050 cedar pinstripes or all cedar $1150
More options: Western red Cedar and stripes can be added please add aditional pricing
Once completed, Stuart will advise and guide you on finishing options best suited to your needs.
Wooden Surfboards make for a wonderful ride in the surf, enabling you to catch the smallest or the biggest wave…
"By making your own classic surfboard you will have gained definitive woodworking skills and produced a work of art that is uniquely yours.
Our Wooden Surfboards are not just meant for the surf, they are the perfect ambience for a breezy deck, sports room, pool room or bar…"


1. Do I have to have prior experience to make a surf board?
No prior woodworking experience is necessary, as we start you off with the right templates and techniques, we show you the basics and guide you every step of the way.

2. Do I need to wear anything special?
We will require you to wear enclosed footwear; steel capped boots if you have them otherwise sandshoes/runners will be fine. We will supply you with any other safety equipment required.
Warning there will be lots of gluing that will not come off your clothes.

3. How big are the class sizes?
The class sizes are kept small – no more than 10 in a class and we all help each other at times, but usually about 6.

4. Do you have many females in the class?
Yes we do, they are most welcome and will thoroughly enjoy making a board under the expert guidance of Stuart and Michael

5. Are materials covered in the cost of the course?
All materials required for the initial course are covered within the course fee.
If alternate timber is requested the price will increase and we need 2 weeks’ notice.

6. How do I pay for classes?
You can pay for classes by direct deposit, payment of cash or cheque prior to commencement of classes. It is a requirement that your full Course Fee is paid upfront 2 weeks before the course commences. Once payment has been processed you will be issued with a tax invoice for claim purposes.

7. What happens if I miss a class due to illness?
If in the unfortunate event that you are sick we will endeavour to help you catch up but no makeup class are available.

8. Are Course Fees refundable?
No, once fees are paid they are deemed non refundable. Unless the classes are terminated by Bywater Design.

9. Do you offer food /drink?
We endeavor to offer tea, coffee /water and biscuits time allowing, students often have a quick break during our classes and enjoy a cuppa with fellow students and talk about their last great wave, or the one that got away.

10. After I finish my first wooden surfboard what happens next?
After you finish the initial board classes you will have completed your own hollow wooden surfboard. Ready for final sanding and finishing or glassing whichever you choose. Most of our course participants then choose to re-enroll for another course where they can choose another board to create.

11. Do you offer gift vouchers?
We certainly do.
They make a wonderful gift and they can be for any board size required.

12. Yes; it’s also a great team building adventure.

If there are any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us;
or Please phone Stuart; 0414283818

We will see you in class

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