Friday, November 14, 2014

The Duke replica

Deon Rowe decided to make himself a copy of the Duke surfboard that is in the Freshwater Surf Club. And with next year being the 100th year celebration of Duke Kahanamoku coming to Australia it seems like a great tribute and project.He had no prior experience in doing something like this, but had access to the original board to take photos and measurements.He got hold of me to ask some advice of glue and timber and how to go about it.The board is 8ft 8" and built from solid Paulownia. The original id made from solid Cedar I believe.
This is Deon sorting the Paulownia for the build.
 The original
 I think this board would be a test for Kelly to ride as well

Getting close to finishing 
 These are a couple of shots of The Duke with the original board 99 years ago.
It looks like it has been a great project and Deon will have himself a piece of history to share with his kids some day. I will post more pics and info when he sends them. I am looking forward to his ride report.

 The christening
Not sure how this ended.Deon said it was not the easiest board to ride but lots of fun.

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