Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vinny's new boards

Vincent O Halloran in Ireland is a very keen wooden board builder. He has been experimenting with frameless monocoque boards with great success.
Here is his latest report from Ireland...
"The boards are working out well these days , a friend of mine is helping me test the monocoque boards and he is surfing them and likes them , me too. There is not much surf this weather but Im looking towards the autumn now  - As I was out of the water for most of last year between a back injury and ear problems you can imagine Im chomping on the bit and quite excited about surfing lots this autumn and winter . Just working on a 5' 2" along the lines of what ( I think??)  Dan Thompson is doing , seems to me what im making is a cross between a mini simmons and a speed dialer , I've got all the wood and the weathers nice and warm so the glue is drying well and the timber is nice and dry . The biggest problem working with wood here in Ireland is the wet climate - looks like I will have to make a proper workshop one of these days
I will keep you posted on how the boards are going . the boards in the picture are the last two I made , one of them is in Clare now and im going to surf the other myself - had it out one day and it surfed good.Well I hope things are going well for you and that the wooden surfboard day is a lot of fun
all the best


Anonymous said...

Hi Vinny, your boards look great. probably you could explain a bit about your building technique? monocoque sounds quite special and interesting

Niko Lascar said...

hi vinnie I ve just finihed my first extremely rough wooden board(heavy as hell)made out of laminated 3x2,love to check out your board and get some knoledge,i m based in co.galway,cheers

Tom Skelly said...

Hello vinnny how can i get in touch about buying one love what your doing and would love to own one
Tom Peace x