Monday, June 23, 2014

Wooden SUPS

I recently built a wooden Hydo Simmons SUP for Haris Zambarloukos, BSC who grew up in Nicosia, Cyprus, an island outside of Greece. He is a well known cinematographer based in London , who loves his surfing and travels the world for his work and his board travels with him.It was a great experience to build this board for Haris.He loves wooden boards and has a couple of others already.
 This is Haris with his Otter 9’ SUP which is 9’ x 28'’ and 110 litres in Red Cedar and Mahogany pinlines.

 Having fun at Witches Rock in Costa Rica
 This is the 8ft x 28" SUP I built him in Portugal
 This is of the 8’6” Otter which has a hybrid Carbon deck, S glass bottom and wooden nose and tail block
 "This is the detail of my Vince Balsa wood 7’ Disko from Bali.

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