Friday, October 4, 2013

Year One wooden surfboards

Tyler Frome formally of Santa Cruz has relocated to SoCal and is continuing making wooden boards with his best friend from high school Andrew Luttrell.  They have named the company "Year One" and have been pumping out some really awesome boards.  They are planing a trip to Hawaii this winter for some R&D, and are hoping to make it to Australia for the Wooden Board day in 2014.

" I attached a couple shots of a thruster we just made and donated to the Yosemite Climbing Association.  They auctioned off the board at an event called the "Face-Lift" which is a climber led trash clean up in Yosemite.  Its a very cool event, and we were really stoked that the winner of the board is a surfer who plans to use it! "

 Yosemite Facelift Board – 6’2″ Curly Redwood, Walnut, and Maple Decks.

  Leopard Wood, Walnut, and Maple Fins. Thruster
The boys make some great looking boards, using a nice selection of timbers.
Contact them anytime by phone or mail with any questions.
Phone: (949) 322-6873

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