Thursday, July 25, 2013

A couple of nice boards from Coffs Harbour

I just got this email from Gary Keen form Coffs Harbour. He is typical of what the wooden board day is about. He has been building boards for a while and made a couple of nice ones , but is keen to see what others are doing.
" Hi Grant,
Just got your details of wooden surfboard blog site and I am interested in coming to the wooden board day on the 4th August.
I have already made two boards 9'6 mal and a7'3 short board gun and I am about to start an 8'0 mini mal.
I would like to catch up with others who have the bug to swap ideas and tecniques."
Next weekend is a great opportunity to meet others that are building boards , ask all the questions you have and find out what others are up to. Solve problems and become enlightened on new ways of doing things and learn from each others experiences. This is no secret society , you will find it a very open and enthusiastic environment I am sure.

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