Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Andy Longs Flinders Pig

Andy Long is from Flinders in Victoria and got hold of me to help him with a board. He wanted to build a hollow wooden board but I talked him round to building one vacuum bagged over styrene. So I bagged the top and bottom skins on for him and sent him the timber ready to laminate the rails himself. Then some templates to help shape the rails. This is the result ...
Andy adding the first rail bands to the board.
 He wanted it to be a little piggy and it looks great.
  " Bit of a test, but with the info you gave me, took my time & really happy with result. I do like the old boards so decided to glass this one ( covers up my stuff ups, gives it some weight for glide & hopefully protects her from the local reefs to)  with poly which really brings out the beauty in the timber. Dan & Choc Oke from Oke surfboards did the glasswork, finbox & shine. Fin from Byron's Wizz. Bit timid about putting wax on her, but dying to have a wave."
"The other board is a timber  kookbox with rails & fin, I rescued from the dumpmaster. Guy throwing it says his uncle made it in the late 50's & used it on the local beaches @ Flinders, Pt Leo & Shoreham. Been stored under the family holiday house since the 70/80's. Fair bit of work to bring her back, but she's come up a treat. Thanks again for your assistance & guidance. Really happy with the result & will give you a ride report when she gets wet."

Nice job Andy, I am sure you will have some sweet waves on her.

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