Sunday, October 14, 2012

Riccardo's simmons

 Riccardo is from  Comacchio, Ferrara,  in Italy and has a passion for wooden boards.
"Woodfaith project born in September 2011 as a result of an artistic career. The interest in handmade, combined with the passion for surfing has led to creation of different types of boards, a mini-simmons (hollow surfboard) and several long-skateboard. The fascinating aspect of these boards is represented in retro style shapes and old-school decorations. The love and respect for nature has led me to create a line of boards, entirely handmade and treated with eco-friendly products."

 " My first creation was a hollow surfboard, a mini-simmons 5'5".
 "A long process with much satisfaction but the small number of swells in Adriatic Sea, however, led me to find a product that emulates the feel of a surfboard that you could use on the road any time.
So I started to shape a long skateboard 6 '6" following Hamboard's example, with their huge trucks and wheels, able to rapid carving like real surfboards."

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