Friday, April 13, 2012

The 8ft simmons from Flama

It is great to have someone share their experience of riding a new wooden board and this is Aitor's ...

 "Some days ago I bought the first Flama Simmons surfboard, and Sergi from Flama  brought me home the surfboard (thanks Sergi), he stayed some days in Bilbao and we did some photos and some video recording."

" It's a perfect mix, an incredible vintage design and a new building system, old with new , the surfboard it is awesome, a lot of flow, ton of floating , so fast and easy to surf, and everything  made of wood with the perfect flama finish. "

" I send you some surprising pics of my first day with the surfboard, made with my gopro.
And a  a simple video of a foam wave of that day, just 40 seconds."

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