Monday, October 24, 2011

Paulownia in Europe

Christian Cajar is a man focused on Paulownia and all there is to know about it.

" I've studdied Surf Science and Technology and continuing with a Bachelor in Environmental Resource Management at the moment. All my research projects are focusing on Paulownia and
I've just planted some trees today. My first one was concerning the invasiveness of Paulownia in Europe. I'm aiming for the full circle and we're nearly there. "

" I've been supplying Paulownia for Europe for the past 3 years and what started as a fun project is a one year old registered company.

We stock paulownia timber in the UK and in Germany and send it more or less worldwide."

Link " I basically import Paulownia wood and sell it mostly to surfers. My luv for alaias was inspired by Tom Wegener and I'm really into those wooden sleds. So usually people order wood and get all their questions about the building process answered by me."

" This summer I hosted my first alaia shaping course on one of the German islands called Borkum and ever since I get the latest news of the stoked kids via facebook... really cool that the kids enjoy their playground now rather than drinkin beer."

So if you are in the Northern Hemisphere and have a need for Paulownia, Christian is your go to man.


Andrew said...

Hey. Would you sell me some paulownia? I need to make some geisha sandals for my daughter and they need to be as authentic as possible and this is the correct wood. You're the only place I found that has it.

h1ppies said...

Any chance of buying some lengths for me to build my first alaia board.