Monday, March 28, 2011


Jay has just sent this update on the board he is building to raise funds for the earthquake appeal...

" Thanks to everyone for your support and encouraging words upon receiving my first message.

At this time we are still keeping it real, doing roadies to catch some waves. According to Canterbury medical officer of health, Alistair Humphrey, surfing in Christchurch was posing “serious risks.”

"The microbiology results show that the surfers at Sumner will be surfing in sewage. The E. coli count is off the scale," he said.

I think it will be a while before we’ll be hitting Christchurch beaches any time soon!!

Check-out the progress that has been made on the Balsa Board on facebook:!/notes/sadhana-surfboards/update-63-balsa-fish-for-christchurch-earthquake-appeal/155872101140003

Pretty exciting stuff!! All shaped up by hand and glassed with a 6oz deck and 4 oz bottom.The density of the balsa allows for a lighter glass job which will still look beautiful for years to come.The polyester resin gives a good finish and really brings the grain out.

Will let you know soon when the auction will start.

Not to forget, our hearts and thoughts still continue to be with those facing the disaster in Japan."


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philip said...

go go go.. buddy. this is for the humanitarian cause. , please lets support him.