Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tha global hand plane tour hits Australia

Gary Murphy in California , well known for his Brownfish boards has spent the last 12 months just building and shaping handplanes. He makes a range of designs and they are beautifully finished.
Jason Hall a photographer with the support of Go Pro cameras has sent one of Garys' hand planes off around the world for a tour of surf spots globally. Well it is in Sydney now and then will be on it's way to the Gold Coast for The Alley Fish Fry which I also organise ,the first weekend in March.I am sure it will be wet most of the day as many people try it out and we capture a little film of the days activities in and out of the water.

Check it out at :


LESider said...

Hey, Just wanted to let you know that Gary Murphy is Brownfish who makes the handplanes, Jason has been organizing the Handplane around the world.

brownfish said...

Hi, I came across your blog today. Just wanted to clarify things a bit. Jason Hall isn't the builder of Brownfish Handplanes. He is a photographer that is running the "Brownfish Around the World" Project. It was an idea that we both came up with together, but, due to my time constraints with making handplanes and work, I released the whole project to him. He is doing a great job with it. If you would like to check out Brownfish Handplanes, you can go to or for everything handplane. Thanks and I love you blog.
Gary Murphy
Brownfish Handplanes