Monday, September 27, 2010

Paul Jensen class in Japan

Paul Jensen with Nobby who helped organise the course prior to Paul's arrival.Nobby has been to the two events here in Australia and met Paul at the first Wooden surfboard Day 2009.

Paul course comes with notes and a CD of information to take home.

Nobby sent me these shots with a few notes... "Paul held work shop in Japan from Sept 20 to 24 and he set out for Australia to hold next workshop yesterday.13 participants made own wooden surfboards and they will make more in own local area from local wood."

" Paul spread culture of modern wooden surfboards throughout Japan!!! I was very impressed Paul with the quality of his skill, knowledge and wisdom."

"In Japan, he was bedeviled by language barriers all the time but he was doggedly persistent and always polite for participants and me (sorry for that Paul…).
I look up to Paul as a teacher of wooden surfboards and a better way of life… "

A big thank you to Nobby and his friend for getting this all together and helping spread the skills needed to build wooden surfboards with Paul's course.I know from my own experience it is no small task pulling this all together and having all the gear and space required to make it happen. So my hat goes off to you Nobby. And thanks to Paul as well.

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