Monday, July 12, 2010

Roger Hall ever the craftsman.

The humble New Zealand Cabbage Tree.

Rough as guts New Zealand Cabbage Tree is the wood of choice for this project for Roger Hall to build a 7ft chambered Gun to showcase his talents at the Wooden Board Day next month.

The chambered beams all laid up ready to be glued together.

A long and detailed job with any sort of wood.

Even Cabbage Tree fins for this one.

A great grain and textured pattern to work with.

A board in the rough, ready for hour upon hour of shaping and hand sanding.No small task with timbers that are stringy and with differing textures to work with.

Another work of art, functional art at that by a great shaper of surfboards in any medium.

Roger Hall the quiet achiever in his element covered in dust, wood or foam.
Come and check out his and others great work at the Wooden Board Day on Sunday 8th of August at Currumbin Alley here on the Gold Coast.

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Rotorhead said...

Thanks for reminding me what an amateur hack I am.

That there is a beautiful board.