Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glass Tiger surfboards from Falmouth , Cornwall in the UK are passionate about his wooden boards

I have just come across Glass Tiger and if you are into wooden boards then you should check out what Mark Roberts is building.
" I shape because I love surfing and I love to innovate and make stuff, things have changed a bit over the last few years with more and more boards being made in the far east by people who don't surf, as far as I can see this is unsustainable because there is no innovation going on, with no surfer shaper moments of inspiration, there is a link in the chain that's missing.I love making boards other people love, and making boards from wood just makes my job easier, because its easy to feel happy when your riding something that was grown and whittled rather than processed from chemicals and petro chemical by-products."

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Huck said...

I agree. I got into making my own surfboards because the last board I bought turned out to be from a factory in China - by workers who didn't even surf! (I had visions of a child-labor sweatshop)

I just opened a new forum for wood and other alternative methods of surfboard building. No members yet, just me hahahaha. Check it out if interested.